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With you can take control of your business, documents, books, bookkeeping, accounting, government regulations, SARS and other requirements placed on you and your business, be they daily, monthly, annually or otherwise.
Most business owners / entrepreneurs are not comfortable with admin or finance and tend to delegate the responsibility to others, professional or otherwise, but with sometimes disastrous effects.
·        Several years of backlog or
·        Incorrect accounting information being presented at the last minute,
o   on or after statutory deadlines,
o   resulting in penalties or interest costs.
·        Misplaced or loss of important business documents
But let’s back up, if you are ultimately responsible for your business records, and you are, why do you then blindly trust in someone else to maybe look after this function.
The simple answers: ability, belief, cost and time, 
- You believe that you don’t have the ability 
- You say that you don’t have the time 
- Admin is not important, making the money and doing business is 
- The cost of someone to do the admin and accounting is cheaper than you doing it.
All these may be true, yet due to your belief, the better you do in growing your business the more and more you stress and the more your admin grows, the less time you have for admin, the more you rely on someone else .
So far, we are not informing you of anything new, just that you don’t have 100 % control of your admin and you have a 50/50 chance of your admin and accounting staying under control in someone else’s hands - until know.
We are not planning on turning you into accountants, rather arming you with the ability to check and demand the information that you are paying your accountants and bookkeepers to perform - if in fact it’s being done at all.
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